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I dreamed that Colin and I were waiting for the bus at the top of the hill (odd, since I'm 9 years older than him, and we never went to school together). There was another girl standing like 10 feet away. The bus came and stopped for her, but then it drove away, completely ignoring us. So we walked over to my car and got in, and Colin was ranting about the stupid bus that wouldn't stop for us. There was a big bottle of lemon juice in my cupholder. Not lemonade, lemon juice, which you'd have to be out of your mind to drink. Then I suddenly got some silly, nonexistent iced tea jingle in my head and woke up.

Something tore up the back yard, probably last night. Probably some animal(s) grubbing around for bugs. Oh! But at least the garage is clean. We moved my stuff to the basement.

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