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i had an interesting dream a few nights ago. in the most intriguing part i can remember, i was in the same art class as two friends of mine (let's call them X and Y). well, X and Y are very close friends to each other, but in the dream they had a fight or something. i was sitting by X, who was feeling sad, and Y was at another table with another girl who i didn't recognize. apparently i had to go to Y's table, so i sat there and was nice to her because for some reason i thought she would associate me with X and not want to talk to me. but she was still friendly to me. then Y and the other girl were talking, and i found out that they were both pregnant (whoah...), and Y was going to name her son some really crazy name. i went to wash my hands, and there was something about boxes where i kept my sculptures. but the room looked like one of my high school's art rooms, and i had so many mixed emotions since X and Y weren't speaking to each other and Y was pregnant.

i was so careful at the studio, and i managed to get paint on my new shirt. i didn't even realize it until a few hours later. there's this big streak across the belly. oh well. most of my clothing has paint on it anyway...

so much to do, so little time. so much homework, and my stupid art teacher decided to make the sculptures due right after fall break, which means i'll have to take my dolls home with me and work on them when i SHOULD be visiting with my friends and relazing! *growls* this project isn't so fun any more. he was going to let us work on these as long as we needed to as long as we were working, but since SOME people weren't making progress, he decided to punish us ALL! i've been in the studio almost every day this week! *snarl*

on a better note, on friday afternoon i get to go HOME for the first time this year! yay! food that agrees with my system! only 1 flight of stairs to get to my room! a BIGGER bed (even though it squeals if you even touch it since it's so old)! a BATHTUB shower with WARM water (even if the drain is always clogged)! a bedroom that connects to the bathroom! no stalls! only 1 other person sharing the bathroom (even though she crowds the sinks and shower shelf with all sorts of girly stuff)! neighborhood kids to play with! dahling, gummi bear, ben, libby, abby, colin, daragh, and whoever else wants to play along! going to schramms farm for pumpkins! no classes! no meetings (i love my clubs, but my schedule has been so busy this semester...)! no sorority girls! a room with a carpet! my toys! my happy fairy wings that i got at the renfest the first time i went this year! my COSTUMES! my friends (some of them)! access to a supermarket! access to a vehicle! people who spoil me! BELLE! oh, how i miss my kitty... she'll be happy to see me...

anyway, on the way home we might take a small detour to slippery rock and pick up megan. i haven't seen her in a month and a half! *bounces around* she wants to make me watch "willow" because it has midgets and witches and a guy wearing a dress in it!

tomorrow i have 4 hours worth of classes, and later there's fencing, then "tales from the closet" at the agp house. yippee. then i have to clean my room since my mom is coming friday. i wonder if i should keep all my dead leaves where they are or move them. i also need to eat up all the fruit and junk food.

well, i'll be off. good day.

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