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Something weird is happening to the animals in this house. Aside from Dante suddenly adventuring outside the cage for no apparent reason (latching the top hatch fixed that problem), the cats have been acting strange. Dude was going crazy and scratching the furniture today (which he almost never does - he's the most well-behaved of the cats). Belle was running around the basement, even though she rarely runs any more (since she's old). I let Moccasin in a few minutes ago, and I was going to put him in the basement for the night. He's friendly and usually loves being petted and held, but he wouldn't let me get too close to him and ran away whenever I came near him. I was wondering why, and then I looked at his face and saw some blood running down his cheek. After a game of tag (I won, thanks to him being a sucker for kitty treats), I managed to grab him and get a look at him. It looked like a minor scratch or something under his ear, so I wiped the blood away. I gave up on putting him in the basement though, as I didn't feel like playing catch-the-cat again. I wonder if it was the Evil Neighbor Cat. I didn't hear any cat fights outside though.

...Okay, something weird is going on in this house. The water suddenly stopped running, and now the toilet is making strange noises, like there's a bear or something inside it. It just stopped, but that was creepy. I'm not going in that bathroom for a while...

Dante is also acting goofy. He's old, slow, and clumsy, but along with the recent escape attempts, he's been sitting on top of their little house and poking his nose through the cage bars. When I give him snacks (like carrots), he'll either ignore them or eagerly grab them as usual, but take one little nibble and then lose interest, and then go back to poking his nose out or chewing on the cage bars. He'll crawl around slowly like the geezer he is and then suddenly have a burst of energy and start climbing around the cage. I saw a couple mysterious scratches on his back, long, shallow, parallel scratches (they looked minor, just weird). I don't know where they came from. Squeekers is acting normal, at least. At least one of the animals hasn't gone nuts.

I think this house is possessed. Spoooooooky Halloween mystery.

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