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The first issue of Faerie Nation Mag is out, and I have a big stack of them. So if any of you want a free sample copy, I'll give you one. It looks awesome. I haven't read through it yet (of course, I've read everything in there about 5 billion times already during the selection and editing processes), but I'll look through it tomorrow. The only real issue is that something weird happened with the artwork and there are these random gray chunks in the pictures (that error happened during the printing process). But hey, it's the first issue, and everything will get easier from here on. It's a huge relief to see the finished product after all that writing, editing, emailing contributors, the 5 billion calls from Francesca (my phone bill last month was astronomical), and everything else. It's done. And I'm mostly finished with my work on the second issue (which won't come out until like March, but we're not doing any magazine work for most of November, December, and January).

And since I'm pretty much the editorial contact person, I get to see how many comments we get on the first issue. Weeeee! So far, the comments have been positive, which makes me happy. And thanks to those of you who contributed, and my fellow awesometastic staff members. Now, if only I could find a full-time job with a salary doing something like this...

Heh. Sunday's "For Better Or For Worse" reminds me of Nick's Halloween costume 3 years ago. From what I hear, coconuts are very irritating to bare skin.

I bought my Halloween costume tonight. I got a red hat, a purple jacket, and some purple pants (kind of sweatpants, but they're capri pants so I won't have to hem them). I think I'll buy a feather boa to go with it, and maybe I'll carry around a handbag. It was interesting shopping. I was trying to go for the eccentric over-50 lady look yet buy something I'll wear more than just one night. It was hard finding the right shade of purple in the right age group of clothing, without spilling over into the pastels of the over-75 age group. I wonder why so many little old ladies wear pastel colors. Maybe it matches their hair.

I don't remember who I was telling in the past couple days that I didn't have purple pants, but now I do. Hooray! I don't think my outfit really matches, but that's ok. It will be dark outside, and I'm short enough to get away with trick-or-treating. I'll just avoid the houses with people who know who I am but don't see me on a regular basis, so they won't ask "Wait a minute... aren't you in your twenties now?" I think I'll just go visit a few houses, where the people know me well enough to appreciate my eccentricity. Or where they don't know me at all.

At the tea party on Sunday, I was so excited about wearing my garb (with ridiculously huge sleeves) and fairy wings that I was skipping and twirling around like a 3-year-old. I'm such a child it's funny.

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