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Dante has gone to the big rat cage in the sky. He lived a long life for a rat, and now he's going to reunite with his buddies Dr. Faustus and Pee Wee. I got him and Dr. Faustus in October, 2004. They were my first rats. When he was a baby, he liked to climb onto my shoulder and hide in my hair. He was the shy one of the bunch, but he got along well with the others and loved peanut butter and snoozing in the hammock.

Farewell, puppy. Say hi to the others for me.

baby rats!

Baby Dante and Dr. Faustus

Dante and Dr. Faustus

That huge mess on my table? Uh... they did it.

Squeekers, Dante, and Pee Wee

Squeekers, Dante, and Pee Wee


Resting in the hammock with Squeekers on Halloween (a week ago, when he was first showing signs of decline)

Other than that, the last couple days were decent. I worked for Francesca yesterday and today (I put in extra time so the project I'm working on will be finished as soon as possible, and then I'm finished working for her, aside from FNM, which is separate and something I wanted to do). She made us dinner so we could celebrate the first issue of FNM, and we watched Narnia (I do love the recent movie). Tonight I had Chinese foooooood with Derek and Thom. Good company, but terrible food full of MSG evilness and not worth cheating on vegetarianism. Even though I say the "carb rangoons" don't count. We were going to see a movie afterwards but decided against it upon seeing that there were no movies out that we all wanted to see. So I came back and found Dante dead (according to Mom, he was alive earlier today, so he must have died sometime in the afternoon or evening). I took Squeekers out and let him run around on my lap for a while (Belle and Dude were both downstairs but didn't bother him, although I think he got a little freaked at the smell of cat in the air). I put him in my hoodie pouch and brought him back to the cage, and he crawled out onto the table, climbed up the side of the cage, jumped back in, and hid inside the house. He's a friendly guy, so I hope he won't be too lonely by himself for a while. Since he's alone now, I'll pay more attention to him, though that's not really a substitute for rat company. Well, I think he'll be okay.

On the plus side, I have a potential job interview. Yay!

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