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For the record, I didn't vote. Mostly because I'm not into politics and didn't know who to vote for, or who was running, for that matter. I mean, if there was a checkbox that said "Not Santorum," I would have voted. Hell, I probably should have written in "Cyclor." I'm sure a cannibalistic, megalomaniacal pumpkin would make a much better politician than any of those human candidates. (A pumpkin in every pot, and a kitten in every home!) But I was busy today. I'll vote next time, when I know who's running. I just hope "The frothy mixture that says 'I love you'" goes bye bye.

For one thing, while I was at Francesca's, I went out to put something in my car, and her cat Ganesh slipped out. He's not supposed to go out without a leash on, but he's a sneaky little devil. So I called to him, chased him around the yard, the works. Then he snuck into the crawl space under the house. I opened the door to the crawl space to go find him. No Ganesh. So I went back outside, and he was sitting on the front porch. I went and opened the door, told him to go in, and gave him a "don't MAKE me pounce on you" look, and he hesitated for a moment, gave me a "you may have won THIS battle, but you haven't won the war!" look, then went in. Francesca was surprised he actually went in when I told him to, because she's had to chase him up the street before, despite her limited mobility. The almighty Ade, cat wrangler extraordinaire, strikes again!

While I was driving back tonight, up ahead in the distance, over the trees, the sky lit up in this wonderful orange for a few seconds, then dimmed again. It was so beautiful, but it made me wonder if there was a big explosion somewhere. *shrugs*

Hufflepuff is the Argo of Hogwarts. I bet they play Wizard's DnD all the time (watching miniatures fight is half the fun!).

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