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Last night, I dreamed that I got a job in Sweden. I went to this interview, and rhe lady was basically asking me where I planned to live. It was a little ambiguous if I got the job, but then this other lady came over to me, hugged me, and started chatting away in Swedish. My thoughts: "Holy crap, I'd better start learning Swedish. Maybe I should get those Berlitz tapes..."

I also dreamed that I was in a restaurant that was sort of an island or boat, with a large group of people (I think my family and another family). Nick was there, and he was climbing this ledge against the wall to reach some money up by the ceiling. One of my aunts asked if we had been drinking (I think I had a little, but not enough to be drunk). I told him to get down from there, you're not supposed to act like that in public, and he looked very sad. So we went into the bathroom to talk, and I somehow had the power to cast some sort of wall in front of us so nobody would freak out that there was a girl in the men's bathroom (actually, the bathrooms were weird - very tiny and cramped, and you had to go through the women's bathroom to get to the men's, and there was no light switch in the men's, so we had to squeeze into a corner and cast the wall to avoid being seen or heard). Then we went to get food, and I was sitting with my mom, Uncle Clarke, and Aunt Cathie. We were all sharing these 3 or 4 dishes. Some had chicken in them, but I didn't care. I kept eating this delicious reddish soup and swiping tortilla strips from another soupy dish. Then we were going to leave, and Nick and a few other people turned into horses. I think I might have too, but I remember having hands at one point, so maybe I was just running like one. I don't know why, and if Nick was going to be an animal, he definitely wouldn't be a horse. He was having trouble adjusting to being a horse, so I was showing him how to run with the others. We went outside, and it was really swampy out there, since the restaurant was on a boat or island. Nick and another horse fell into a puddle and started fighting. Nick was being a wimp about it, so I was standing nearby, yelling and throwing piles of seaweed at them. Then I stepped back and fell into the deep water, and suddenly Nick the horse was swimming in the water while the other horse ran alongside him on land. They were swimming/running toward the group of people, and I saw everything from the water. And then I gradually drifted awake.

I also had a Family Guy dream where somebody (maybe Meg) gave Stewie Exlax. It was not a very pretty dream, but amusing.

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