Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

cuz i've seen blue skies through the tears in my eyes, and i realize...
i'm going home!

actually, there are no tears in my eyes at the moment, and i can just barely see the cloudy blue sky through the blinds, but i'm still going home! hurrah!

i had a freaky yet amusing dream last night. i saw a big sign for a harry potter book or dvd or something, and it had all this writing on it that said if you bought a certain version and brought it to hogwarts, you'd get somethingorother. i thought, cool! so i took whatever it was and went to a room in hogwarts, where i supposedly met jk rowling, and she wrote "" (it doesn't exist - i checked) on the book or dvd i had. i think she meant to write "muggle," (it doesn't exist either) and i reminded her that i wasn't a muggle. then i left, and i think i was over this vast lake with a waterfall. i saw these figures swimming around. one was hermione, and the other was probably harry, but it could have been ron or draco. i was swimming around too, yet sort of floating above the lake, and i didn't want whatever evil there was in the water to get me. then i was in a huge mall, and i found out that everything was one big conspiracy, and jk rowling didn't write that weird sign thing. it was this girl who seemed familiar, and suddenly she was chasing me. i ran with remarkable speed down one of the mall halls, and i kept wondering why i didn't just pull out my wand and smite her or something. then i was running with sarah (how and why she got there is beyond me, but i guess she was in as much trouble as i was). we ducked into a theatre where some play was going on, and i saw the evil girl and another girl from my school. i covered my face so they wouldn't see me. then the play got out and i told sarah to run for it, and once again we were running frantically. i guess we got separated, and i was running towards what looked like a carnival in the mall. there were many brightly-colored lights, and there were these jungle gym-type things, and i was running over them, trying not to trip or get my shoes caught. finally i ran past, and i quickly ducked into a salon area. the receptionist's desk was behind a big shelf, so i quickly sat down, hoping the girl wouldn't find me. i asked for a facial, but the lady didn't hear me because she was on the phone. then a group of people came in (i recognized most of them in the dream, but i only remember a few), and i was still panicking because i thought the girl would come in at any moment. i know my grandma and my cousin laura and her husband chris were there. some of the girls in the group took these pink apron things from the shelf and put them on. one told me i shouldn't be ashamed if i had my period. i got confused and said, "i don't have it right now, why would i be ashamed?" i guess it had something to do with the aprons. i took one, but it was really this weird bunch of things that looked like a big sheet of those salad dressing sample thingies. i don't know how to explain it, but it was gray, and there was some sort of liquid or gel inside. then chris started laughing at me for some reason, and i woke up. that was really odd.

one more class! eek, i gotta make my bed and arrange my books and papers and pack and figure out what to take home and make sure i take all the perishable food items... yowza! goodbye!

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