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Good day, lords and ladies of the livejournal court. I'm in North Carolina right now at Grandma's house. I've found that I can pick up a half-decent wireless signal from her sun room. Muhahahaaaa, the wireless ninja strikes again! Of course, I could always go to Starbucks or Panera or that cool coffee shop run by my aunt's friends, but that would require getting up. And then I wouldn't be such a cunning ninja.

Well, I've been doing all sorts of things, like being pounced on by my young cousins, checking out the area, job-hunting, eating delicious food, trying to get Kelly (my Grandma's cat who is extremely shy, even around family) to let me pet her (I've succeeded in getting in a few pats without her backing off or swatting my hand), reading the amusing things my Grandpa used to write (I liked the creative family history - now I know where I get my warped sense of humor), and so forth.

And even the most critical tasters in the family love my corn chowder. Hmmm, maybe it is a good thing that my self-esteem depends on how people like my cooking.

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