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Last night, I dreamed that Rose and I lived together, and her crazy Jewish grandmother was visiting. This woman looked kind of like the grandmother on that cell phone commercial where the kid gets a new grandmother because the old one wasn't on the network and too expensive. We made some enchiladas for dinner, but the grandmother insisted that she wanted good, store-bought enchiladas with onions, green peppers, shrimp (so much for being a good Jew), some special type of butter, a list of other things, and "bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, computer, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, and bubbles." "And Spam," I added. "And Spam," she agreed. That was the amusing part of the dream, the rest was just boring nonsense.

Hmmm. Sounds like another crazy dream-sitcom idea. Rose, Ade, and Rose's crazy non-kosher-eating picky Jewish grandmother! With random Monty Python references!

This evening I went with some family members to see this drive-through lights display, and on the way there my aunt Barb sat in back with the kids while I sat in the passenger seat (I usually sit back there with the kids, and then they get wound up and noisy and Barb keeps telling them to be quiet). Well, she was back there playing with Danny and getting him wound up and goofing off, and it seemed like it was quieter when she was up in front. So of course I turned around at one point and said, in my sternest voice, "you kids settle down back there!" Silly grownups with their hypocrisy.

Also, I received some very sad news from Grandma last night. Peking Palace closed a few months ago. Whenever we were down here in North Carolina, we'd always go out and eat at the Chinese buffet, and it was kind of a family tradition. Yesterday I asked Grandma where it was so I could find it, but she said it had closed. Alas. Apparently when she had told my uncle Glen that it had closed, he had said, "but that's the center of the Earth!" Farewell, Peking Palace. We shall miss you, and no Chinese buffet will ever measure up to your awesomeness. Grandma and I did go to the local No 1 China Buffet (not just in Meadville any more!) tonight, and the food was good for a Chinese buffet (and my stomach felt fine too!), but it just wasn't Peking Palace. Great crab rangoons though, although they didn't spell it "carb," so I was technically cheating. Oh well. The funny thing was, this morning we were reading an article in the paper about how recently, food inspectors have been seizing all sorts of illegal meats from various ethnic markets, like iguana, armadillo, cow lungs, and smoked rodent. So of course that prompted many jokes, especially when I decided to try the "dragon and phoenix roll" and couldn't figure out what the heck was inside it (it looked like some kind of meat, but I couldn't tell what it was). Maybe it was dragon and phoenix.

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