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I had a dream last night that my rat Squeekers killed and ate a mouse. Apparently the mouse just ran up to his cage, and he grabbed it and ate it. I don't think he's ever done that, and I don't know why I dreamed that. I mean, rats do eat smaller animals and have been known to do that, but he doesn't have access to mice (we definitely don't have any in our house thanks to our 3 cats, and even if there was one loose, the rat cage is up on a small table so it would be hard to get to). I woke up fiercely missing rat company. So while I was out today, I stopped in Petsmart. They had piles of baby ratties (all female, I think), and I watched them for a while. I almost overdosed on cuteness. A little girl was inside the area behind the cages holding them (some people nearby were talking about rats, so I think she was going to get some). Maybe next time I'll ask if I can play with the ratties. But then I might be tempted to buy them, and I can't get females now, because my current rat is a boy, and as much as I love baby rats, I can only handle a few at a time, and only once they're ready to leave the nest. *sigh* I think one of my biggest weaknesses is for small, furry things.

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