Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

I'm back in PA now. It was a good trip. Random stuff:

- My neighbors got me a stuffed rat in Sweden. It's awesome.
- The other day, I went to see my cousin Kara's play at school. It was quite hilarious to watch, as she and her friend were standing in the back corner goofing off, and Kara kept doing things like pulling the curtain around her. Barb and I just sat there laughing, wondering if she was going to pull down the curtain, and feeling glad that Grandma wasn't there, or she'd be ripping Kara a new one. Her antics reminded me of a certain someone who was also quite a troublemaker in her earlier days...
- I saw "Cannibal! The Musical" last night and found it quite amusing. COWBELL SOLO!!!!!
- Katie and Jesse were around briefly yesterday since they wanted to see me after I returned. I had to show Jesse the infamous cake pan. Yes, the phallic one. He wants us to bake him a cake with it. Muhahahahahaaaaa.
- There were other things I was going to say, but I feel lazy/tired/forgetful right now. Maybe tomorrow.

I haven't read my friends page since before Thanksgiving. So I'll be catching up. Whenever I'm away, everything always happens to friends. So I'll start reading again and find out that someone eloped and moved to Switzerland, someone else just got pregnant with twins, someone else's book hit the bestseller list, someone else got a job as a cheese taster, and stuff like that. Hey, I want a job as a cheese taster. That would be one of the awesomest things to get paid for ever.

You know what confuses me? Knowing that someone is gay, and they say they're GAY, not bisexual... but then they're like, I have a heterosexual partner! Weeee! And I start to think "Wait a minute... last week you were very adamantly homosexual, dancing around in your rainbow pajamas, the whole deal, and now you're dating someone of the opposite sex? I don't get it." This happens quite frequently. I mean, yes, most of my friends either swing both ways or are open to the idea, but I'm talking about people who identify as strictly homosexual. *Shrugs* Oooookay then. Many shades of the rainbow, I guess. Maybe the issue is that the terminology is too restricting.

And I totally want rainbow pajamas, because they'd look awesome.

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