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Are any of you Franklin '01 people going to the reunion? I doubt anyone I was good friends with will show up, since almost all my high school friends moved out of state. I'd only go if I knew a friend was going, since I know I'd end up sitting in the corner, casting shifty glances at everyone else and occasionally jotting things down in a notebook or becoming unnaturally fascinated with the appearance of whatever I was drinking. And then if anyone said anything to me, I'd spout off some crazy and probably questionable remark. And then people would say, "Ade hasn't changed a bit. Still quiet and unassuming, but when she does talk, she says the strangest things..."

I think I'll wait until the 10 year reunion. I need more time to plan my fabulous entrance (I'll be accompanied by two jaw-droppingly handsome men, who will be very gay, but nobody needs to know that). And I want to have a good answer to "what are you up to these days?" Because nobody is going to believe "I've been schmoozing with JK Rowling and Lemony Snickett, and my sixth novel will be released in February," and I'd feel pathetic saying "I'm unemployed and playing vast amounts of Runescape." Because apparently there's no happy medium, and I'd forget to say something like, "I graduated college, am pursuing satisfying and financially rewarding jobs, and I'm an editor of a small magazine."

It also makes me feel old, since many of the people I graduated with are married or engaged, and some even have kids. And here I am, 16 at heart, clinging to childhood like a Jew to a penny (Happy Hannukah to all, and to all a good night!). The other day, I was walking with the Bonnies, and we were talking about my job prospects.

Bonnie (to my mom): You know, if she gets this job, it means our Ade is growing up.
Ade: That's a scary thought. And then in a few years, I'll have saved up for a down payment on a house!
Bonnie: Then you'd really be growing up!
Ade: *flaming queen voice* And then I could do some interior decorating! And work with color schemes and hire a gay guy to help me...

Heh. I think I would need some help if I actually cared about interior decorating, because knowing me, my interior decorating would look like a rainbow vomited all over the room. With green and purple curtains, framed prints of Preraphaelite paintings next to Spongebob posters, giant statues of Buddha and Ganesh all over the place...

Boy, when I digress, I really digress. Though my future house absolutely needs at least one ginormous statue in it. And maybe lots of cool weapons mounted on the wall. Muhahahahahahaaaa.

I often wonder about the random people who stumble upon this journal, who probably think I either need a check up from the neck up and/or am an irreverent jerk for making very un-PC comments about gays, Jews, and so forth. I feel like I should have a disclaimer somewhere that says "Hi, I'm not really an asshole. I don't discriminate, I make fun of everyone equally! Especially gays and Jews, because I love them so much." But disclaimers are for people who seem to be troll/flame-magnets. And most of the people who read this know me some way or another or are friends-of-friends who are used to the similar irreverent comments of my friends. AHAHAHAHAHAAAA. *ahem* I should probably stop writing now, for at this point I'm just spouting whatever comes to mind.

I should also probably start shopping for Christmas/Hannukah/Yule/Atheist Kids Get Presents Day/whatever presents. Instead of my usual habit of waiting until the 23rd or 24th, going into hardcore sensory overload at the mall among hordes of last-minute panicked shoppers, and walking around feeling like a zombie for several days. And mail that package to Ben that I've been meaning to send for the last month. *Snickers* I'm supposed to be coronated as Queen of the Procrastinators, but we haven't gotten around to having the ceremony yet.

The really funny part is I still don't know where I want to be over the holidays. I don't celebrate anything (I buy people stuff though), but it seems to make other people feel better to know that I'm being social and not just sitting in my room all day. I guess I'll make a decision at the last minute. It sort of depends on whether I get this job, since I will definitely have a final answer by the end of this week, and if it's a yes, I will be moving very soon, and going to NC again would be the best option. If not, I'll stay here. We'll see. I'm hoping I'll get the job, for many reasons, and I think it would be more fun going to NC anyway. Even if that would mean lots of moving craziness in addition to the Gah-it's-Christmas-Eve-and-I-haven't-bought-anyone-anything-yet-ness.

Right. Adey go night night now.

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