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I hope that whoever came up with the idea of putting gift cards for various stores in Giant Eagle before the holidays got a huge raise. I just got a large portion of my shopping out of the way. I rule! Yeah, I just started buying presents for people... yesterday. I think I've bought actual things for 3 people, and gift cards for everyone else. And that's just family, I haven't bought stuff for friends yet. Though I figure almost all of us are being lazy about presents this year, so if anyone gets me something, I'll get them something. Like that box of stuff I've been meaning to mail Ben for over a month now. Riiiiight. It'll get there eventually. You should've seen some of the crappy parking jobs over at Toys'R'Us this evening when I went to pick up some things for my cousins. Everybody was rushing there at the last minute. I am not alone in my procrastination. Together, we shall rule the world. Eventually.

So. I had Indian food with Heather, who I hadn't seen in a few years, and it was splendid. That's the second time this week I've had Indian food with a high school friend (on Wednesday I had Indian food with Laura). IF ONLY MEGAN WAS HERE, I could go for 3 times, but no...

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