Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

well, i'm on my dad's computer now. yippee. today i had an interesting time taking katie, julia, and elli places. 2 seconds after i got out of the shower, katie and julia were banging on my door asking me to take them to old navy. i said NO because i hate driving in monroeville, but i agreed to take them places in murrysville. so then elli came along, and we went to giant eagle, subway, eckerd, and the dollar store. i saw laura's mom in the eckerd parking lot. well, times definitely get interesting when you have 4 kids and a minivan. i got to be the adult and yell at them to shut up so i could drive. well, i expected that they would be noisy. they're 12, 11, and 6, so their voices only come with two volumes, loud and earsplitting. but i got home safely, though before we got into the driveway katie and julia flung open the car door and hugged me, and katie nearly broke my nose. ben's hand is the same size as mine (he's 4!!!!!), and elli loves it when i carry her around. i went to see "my big fat greek wedding" with spam that night, and afterwards we ran into katie and our neighbors at giant eagle, so katie tagged along with us and we went to dunkin donuts before driving through a huge puddle in the ames parking lot 7 times. on saturday i went with sarah and megan to century 3 mall, and they played ddr for a LONG time. i sat and watched, though they nagged me to try (i REALLY didn't want to - i'm not into physical games) and i kept saying no. but i got some spongebob shoes and other nifty things. i got a dungeons and dragons starter set, because i've always wanted to try, it sounds like fun, and i need to start somewhere. i want to try playing against my alter-egos first to get the hang of things before i try playing with other people. yesterday i worked on my project. today i got a bunch of halloween decorations! it's the BEST holiday! yesterday i got pumpkins and POMEGRANATES! pomegranates are awesome!

my fingers are cold, and they kinda hurt. more when i go back to school and my own computer tomorrow. sorry no comments, but i have lots of people on my friends list and i could only skim everyone's posts.

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