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I think I'm allergic to the paint fumes or something, because this week my sinuses have gone berserk. The painter put some filter thingy in the hall to cut down on the bothersome smell, which helps a lot, but I've been blowing my nose a lot more than usual. I know, such a beautiful mental image.

I finished watching Transgeneration last night. Wonderful, wonderful documentary, with interesting people. I think everyone should see it.

I keep thinking about installing Age of Mythology onto the laptop, even though I know that would glue me to this thing even MORE. I have it on my desktop, which isn't set up right now, but I was talking about it with Colin last week and have been thinking about it ever since. Of course, that would mean hunting for the CDs among all my boxes of crap, but I could stand to organize some boxes if I plan to move anyway. The geekery never ends here, no siree.

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