Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

i saw a clip of the "a sorta fairytale" video - bleh. it just sucked. i mean... heads on legs. that's just not right. i hope the rest of the video is better than the 10 second clip i saw. i'm disappointed. i love the song, but the video sucks. i was hoping for one as good as the "cornflake girl" US version with the cowboy... *drools*
ah, tori... i can't wait til "scarlet's walk" comes out...

i'm back in my room! i'll start commenting in people's journals tomorrow or after i turn in the dolls. almost finished! yay!

wanna hear about my dreams last night? sure you do! well, in the first one i remember, apparently megan had a baby (creepy!) and was on tv for it. they were doing a show on young mothers or something, and she was there holding her son (she named him scott - i don't know why THAT name and why she'd choose a terribly common, normal name... but it was just a dream!). her parents were there too, and she was saying she took a moral vacation or something (she said a moral somethingorother, i forget the word, but it was funny). then the tv show said this happened when she was 15 and i thought, what?! and she never told me? apparently in the dream she had only told me she was pregnant once and then later said she had the baby, but she didn't say anything else, and i never got to see her son. i felt left out, like she never told me anything. ah well. i was just surprised in the dream because of all people it was megan who had the baby. oh well. she was in the next dream too, only it wasn't a shocking dream.

i was at a village or something, out in this field where a dragon was sleeping. this creature was hitting it and shoveling it, trying to wake it up. i figured if it woke up angry, i could talk to it and make friends with it. i guess i was a donkey or something. all right, where did the shrek theme come from? then apparently the dragon was awake and chasing me, so i hid in the grass and hoped it wouldn't find me. i think there was fire overhead or something chaotic. i went back to the village, and megan was sitting in the center of the village, weaving this giant spiral rug. apparently she was the town's weaver. i took some yarn and started weaving on the other side. then there was something about a hall and rooms and ms. bryson, but i don't remember.

i woke up to say goodbye to my sis before she caught the bus, then went back to bed for a few hours. i dreamed that i was going to 1st grade again (yep, a 19-year-old in with the 6-year-olds...). apparently there were others in the class my age or younger. the teacher was this nice middle-aged lady with short, curly whitish-blond hair and glasses. i noticed that some of the other 1st graders were taller than me. we went outside for a fire drill, and we went past the road to this dock. i started running and skipping along the dock, which was really long. then i started flying over the dock and looping around in the air, and my teacher yelled at me. i went back into the classroom with her, and i was going to tell her that i was annie the goddess of bad weather (alter-egos kick ass!). i think i was going to sprout wings or fly around the classroom, but i woke up. damn, i LOVE flying dreams!

well, i have a lot of halloween decorations now. i even got a plastic cauldron and funky witch's hat with spiderweb fabric from the dollar store. hurrah! got more gatorade too. and halloween candy to pass out when the munchkins come romping through the halls on halloween. *sigh* i wanted to go trick-or-treating this year! last year too! but i guess i'll be the candy passer-outer this year. maybe when i graduate, i'll go trick-or-treating. the grownups won't know my real age anyway, especially if i'm in costume. i'll look like another 4th grader begging for candy. and all my other 22-year-old friends will be jealous that i can pass for a kid and they can't! except maybe laura. the old country buffet people thought she was 13 or under on her 18th birthday. that girl can look 12 and 35 at the same time. that's scary. yay for little people! aaaaaaand on halloween, they're showing the rocky horror picture show over at the pride ally house! josh definitely knows i'm coming, and he knows how excited i am. now let's see if i can walk across campus in a habit. i didn't hem it, so it's still about a foot too long. thank goodness for safety pins and tape! and i got the plus-size version so i can be sure it's big enough. you never know how tight those standard sizes are going to be. but the costume is great despite the length and the gloves. of course the gloves are huge. but i probably won't wear any gloves because i like to keep my hands free. today my mom took me to the grove city outlets to find a fall jacket (i complained that i didn't NEED one, but she wanted to get me one anyway). there was a halloween store, but i didn't find anything i needed. i went into the bible superstore to find a rosary (they only had nice, semi-expensive ones, and i just wanted a cheap plastic one to go with my costume). it was really creepy. i walked in and it was like being hit over the head with christian vibes. even the music was heavily Jesusified. i felt really uncomfortable (i always feel awkward in exclusively christian places), so i left as soon as i was sure they had no cheap rosaries. but i got some egg drop soup and an egg roll (NOT at the christian store, silly!) so i was happy, even though the egg roll had some weird spongy meaty substance in it that i didn't really like.

i'mbacki'mbacki'mback! now i need to just finish the dolls and read some of "the faerie queene," and everything will be hunky-dory. ta-ta!

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