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Note: Don't do a Google image search for pigtails with the safe search feature off. There's something very disturbing about being bombarded with porn strewn with occasional pictures of little girls. And it's not a very good drawing reference. "Hmmm, I like the way the hair looks in that picture, but the boobs are just distracting." The sad thing is that the porn chicks have cooler looking pigtails. Well, thank goodness for photo editing programs.

Anyway, in not-porn news, today was a good day. Despite getting MSG'ed at Outback (I went because my mom got us tickets for some swim team fundraiser thingy). I visited Jen and we talked stories and watched The Last Unicorn (which I had never seen before, oddly enough) and made cookies and stuff. Fun times. And when I returned, Megan called.

I think I'm going to do some writing before bed. For once.

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