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I'm so absent-minded. This evening, I went out to Giant Eagle to get a couple things. I walked in and suddenly realized that a couple hours beforehand, Mom had asked me to go to Giant Eagle and pick up a few things, and the money and list were on the kitchen counter. *facepalm* So that was two trips for me. Of course, my mom likes to be vague in her lists - writing things like "veggies" and "cheese" and referencing a cookbook page but not telling me to either buy the ingredients or just see if it looks good. So her lists are always open to interpretation. Which of course means that I can buy whatever I feel like that fits into those categories. Muhahahahaaaa. Oh, and speaking of shopping lists, I'm writing a new short story inspired by a certain discussion with a certain someone. All I'll say right now is that it will involve dancing lobsters, a sandwich fairy, and perhaps animated frozen treats. But I'm stuck on the first sentence because I'm wondering what kind of ringtone a normal guy would have.

Maybe I should actually sleep now, so that I'll have the energy to tackle the clutter in my room. Rar, Ph33r M3, I have boxes and masking tape! And a whole crapload of stuff. This may take a while. *sigh*

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