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Last night I dreamed that I was somehow involved in a movie (I don't know if I was in it, making it, or what) that took place in a castle. I'm not sure if this was in England, but it seemed British enough. The Queen was a nice elderly woman (she looked kind of like Elizabeth 2 but younger, like in her 60s), and she had a daughter who was probably around 30-35 and vaguely resembled Di, but these weren't members of the British royal family. Anyway, the Queen's friend Olive was coming to visit. Olive was a rather short, stout, sad-looking woman, probably in her 50s. But she had a really awesome hat. It was shaped kind of like a top hat, but it was purple and had black lines all over it in the shapes of puzzle pieces. It looked amazing in the dream, anyway. So I was watching what was apparently a trailer for this movie, and apparently someone either jumped or fell off a small balcony, and there was an image of the distraught Queen on her hands and knees on the balcony, with her hands gripping the edge. So I was in the castle foyer with the Queen, Princess, and Olive, wondering who was going off the balcony and if they would die.

A large crowd of people gathered outside the castle, so I went outside to see who would go off the balcony. The balcony was this tiny thing, a second floor door opened to a ledge that was about a foot or two long, and there was no railing. Princess walked out onto the balcony, and Olive followed, then fell off and screamed on the way down. I ran over to where she fell and saw her lying on the ground, still wearing her awesome hat. She was injured but alive, so I started yelling to people to call an ambulance. The Queen came down, only this time she looked like the witch in the new Narnia movie. She started yelling orders to people and knelt over Olive. Apparently a group of people had broken Olive's fall, so the Queen asked who they were. It turned out that it had been a group of protestors, and they took that opportunity to wave their signs and protest. So she said that she would meet with all of them.

I don't know what happened to Olive or anyone else, but the next thing I knew, I was escorting two of the protestors (long-haired blond men with beards who looked kind of like stoners, only they had dressed in nice suits for their meeting with the Queen) to the meeting with the Queen. I was drifting awake at this point, but they were complaining about something in Africa, like a war or something, so the Queen made an announcement that she was sending troops to Africa to help. And that was it.

Well, I'm off to North Carolina tomorrow. Weeee.

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