Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

Hey folks. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you want to submit any writing and/or art to the third issue of Faerie Nation Mag, I'm going to start going through submissions and making decisions soon. I don't think there's a deadline for the third issue yet, but there's enough time for you to dig up something to send me or write something if you feel like it. As for the second issue, it should be released fairly soon, and my work is done there. Woot.

As the editor, I'll say a few things about submissions that aren't mentioned in the guidelines. First of all, since this is a smallish magazine, pieces of writing should probably be, say, 2 pages max, although if you write something a bit longer that's amazing, I'm prepared to pull out the literary shears and abridge it. But I'm not going to accept something that requires hardcore editing (bad writing is annoying, but erratic, confusing writing is even worse). I edit articles and stories thoroughly, even the amazingly-written ones, but I generally leave poetry alone unless there's something seriously wrong or confusing with it. Also, we get quite a lot of poems, prayers, pagan/fairy articles, and stuff like that, and while these are all well and good and perfectly publishable, what I'd personally like to see is some flash fiction, particularly SF/F (no fanfic though). And don't worry about what you think I'd personally like, because my decision making doesn't have much to do with that (although if I love it and think it's perfect for the mag, then you just plain rock). I mean, I might love your story about transvestite panda pirates or recipe for baby cheerleader pie, but it wouldn't really fit the magazine well. That said, I've accepted pieces that I don't necessarily agree with and topics I'm not personally interested in. When in doubt, feel free to ask any questions.

Also, we are in near-desperate need of artwork. I don't care if you send in a picture of your cat that you drew when you were 6, send us artwork. In fact, if you do have a picture of your cat that you drew when you were 6, or you know a 6-year-old who is proficient at drawing cats, we'd totally publish it, because we like cats that much. Hmmm, I should ask my little cousins to draw some pictures for me. And we decided that we're only sending out acceptance notices, not rejections. That said, I don't know how long it will take to get acceptances out.

Anyway, here are links to the written submission guidelines, art submission guidelines, and subscription info. Oh, and this isn't up on the web yet, but don't send art submissions to the address on the site. Instead, send them to heliacal[at]netzero[dot]net.Written submissions still go to me.
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