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What I've been up to lately:

- Working on my novel! Woot! And getting great ideas for major scenes when I'm trying to fall asleep. Ah well, I hope the insomnia will pay off down the road. I'm a little over 1/4 of the way through the first draft - I know, not much, and I wanted to have the draft done by my birthday in May, but I'll manage.

- I've been trying to take some computer test for the temp agency I signed up with, and it seems like they're always having problems with the server or something. Well, hopefully it'll work out by Monday so I can take the test already and get a job. I'm thisclose to launching, and a damn computer error is tripping me up. Ah well.

- Southerners are weird. There was like an inch of snow the other day, and they were closing schools and businesses and salting the roads like crazy. Up in Pennsylvania, nobody would blink at that much snow. Apparently, folks here don't know how to drive in the snow. Why, up north, we had to tunnel our way to school through 14-foot snow drifts, and we had to fight off bears and wolves too! That was back in the days when I lived in the log cabin I was born in... built it myself, I did. Damn kids, get off my lawn!

- My grandma is the ice cream queen. She always has like 5 kinds in her freezer and serves ginormous bowls of it. Of course, I have no complaints.

- I've been wondering/researching a lot of ridiculous things. Like if someone fell out of the sky from, say, a quarter of a mile up, and someone was standing there below trying to catch them, and the person fell into a forest on a mountain and there were all sorts of trees to break the fall and the person landed right on the person that was trying to catch them, what would their injuries be like? Yes, if they were human they'd probably both be killed, but what if they were immortal? Which bones would they break, and what else would happen? And what exactly does it look like when someone gets struck by lightning? How does the body react on contact? What does their body look like afterwards? What about hair and clothes? And what happens when cars are driving during a hurricane? What happens when they crash? What kinds of injuries would someone sandwiched in the middle have? If a teenage girl came back from the hospital after being saved under strange circumstances and found out her emotions were mysteriously controlling the weather, would she feel guilty about accidentally hurting someone who was bullying her? Yes, these stupid questions are all significant. And rather morbid. But everyone ends up in the hospital and gets better eventually, or something. *insert happy ending here*

- I set up a checking account at a local bank yesterday, because there's no local National City (although there are about 5 billion other banks in town). Then I read in the paper that the bank had been robbed the previous day. "Boy," I thought to myself, "I'm glad I put that off until today."

- It always amuses me when I start frequenting restaurants or shops and the staff begins to recognize me. Grandma and I went to Rice Fun for lunch, and the guy treated us like we were old friends or something. Heh. I'm just waiting until the day I walk in and he says, "Sauteed mixed vegetables with white sauce, fried rice, a spring roll, and tea, right?" Back in my CMU pre-college days, I'd go to the Subway on South Craig Street every few days, and one day I walked in, opened my mouth to order, and the guy recited my usual order and only got the bread wrong. Am I really that predictable?

- I saw a jar of cactus on sale at the grocery store today. I'd never seen it for sale before. Maybe it's a southern thing. I can't find pickled okra in most stores in PA either, but they have it down here. I tried cactus in a burrito a few weeks ago, and it was pretty good (sweet and tasty, with a texture like slightly slimy green beans, according to my memory). Maybe I should buy a jar (cheap too - a big jar for $3) and see what kind of cactus concoctions I can brew up.

Well, that's all for now. Fare thee well.

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