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So, I'm back in Pittsburgh. Just until the temp agency behaves and finds me something to do. In the past 3 days, I've probably spend about 13 hours driving. I think it's time to rotate my car music, because I've been listening to the same CDs and tapes for months.

I went to Cleveland for Zan's birthday party (yes, I'm crazy enough to drive all that way), which was awesome. We made food (a dozen teenage girls in the kitchen at once would be a great Food Network comedy), acted silly, and stayed up until we collapsed. And I apparently have knees that are so comfortable, girls fight over them.

On the way there yesterday, I pulled into a toll booth and the lady saw my Spongebob pillow in the back. She got all excited and started talking about how she and her husband wanted Spongebob sheets but couldn't find them for a double bed. I like grownups who appreciate Spongebob.

The cleaning lady rearranged some of the stuff in my room, and I actually have a decent amount of floor space now. Of course, there are boxes of stuff circling the perimeter, but there's floor space. And Katie stole my chair, so there's even more. I wonder how long this will last. Maybe I'll have room to do sorting now.

And for some reason, every time I pull into the driveway and get out of my car, Moccasin is right there and hops into the car while I'm getting out. He's a funny guy. [For the record, yes I make sure there are no cats in the driveway when I'm pulling in/out, and they always clear the area when cars are in motion anyway, because they're smart kitties.]

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