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It's beautiful outside. I love bad weather, there's just something so beautiful and amazing about it. When you're safe inside, anyway.

Of course, this means I'm not sure if I should go out today, since I need to go to McGinnis Sisters for dried mushrooms (I couldn't find them anywhere at Giant Eagle), and I was going to get this product called Comfort Zone. Apparently you plug it into the wall, and it releases synthetic cat facial hormones that calm cats down so they don't pee on stuff, scratch, and fight. I read some reviews and apparently it works wonders. My mom has tried everything to get the cats to stop scratching the furniture in the family room (she just got new chairs and a new couch, because she's been getting new EVERYTHING the last couple years). It's kind of expensive, but I hope it will work. And they just came and plowed the street so maybe it will be ok to go out in a little while.

Dude, I should go sledding. Or build a snowcreature. Or both. If I can remember where I stashed the new snow pants I bought last year.

Oh yeah, and I made a few new icons. You Alphans should appreciate this one. *grins*

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