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I've consumed a ridiculous amount of chocolate today. My mouth is ecstatic.

There's been so much snow in the last few days that very few people are out on the roads. Our driveway is covered with a sheet of ice, which is not good since it slopes down toward the road. Last night my dad wanted Katie and me to come over for dinner. So I drove over, despite the freezing rain and snowy roads. Katie was supposed to take Jesse home and then come too, but her car had turned into an ice cube, and she couldn't open the door. The weather was crazy enough that I had to stay over at Dad's, which I hadn't done before, and it felt weird staying in Katie's room there. And the mattress was too firm (when I buy my own bed, I'm getting a pillowtop, because my hips and shoulders do not like feeling achy).

Of course, being the wonderful daughter I am, as soon as I got there I started making fun of Dad's cooking. He had this lasagna in the oven, a half-meat, half-vegetarian concoction in a pie dish. The top was red with veins of cheese throughout, and there were a few browned noodles sticking out. So I christened it "Dead Baby Lasagna." It tasted good though. And he left the vegetables steaming too long, so we had lifeless vegetables. And salad. "Kick it down a notch!" I said. I'm surprised he didn't throw me back out in the cold. And he gave me chocolate, too. And a mouse pad.

Well, the snow isn't fun to drive on, but it sure is fun to play in. We went sledding yesterday and had snowfights and stuff. It was too fluffy to build a snow creature, but I'm hoping it will be nice and packable soon.

Jesse walked all the way to our house today (from several miles away), and he made chocolate-covered strawberries for us. I told him he was my new boyfriend, and Katie wasn't happy about that. Ha. So I decided Dude was my valentine, and a good valentine he was. He claimed my lap for a while today. So I am covered in silver cat fur. Hooray.

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