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today was... decent. but not over. i have to finish my damned art project (aaaaaalmost there...) and drag the box/stage and the dolls over to the studio by 10 tomorrow. i'm nearly finished with the box, so i'll probably take it to the studio tonight (at 3 am once the glue dries...). as for the dolls, most are nearly finished minus some facial details, hair arranging, and stuff like that. the pink bunny needs a bit more work than the others. i'll get them all done before i let myself get to bed. if i'm sleep-deprived and cranky tomorrow, i'll deal with it (hey, i was sleep-deprived but euphoric during the alpha week...), and i can nap in the 3-hour break between classes. bah.

so, this evening i went to golem, and after we finished critiquing nick's poem, we sat around and talked, as usual. i had to tear myself away at 8:30 so i could accomplish some small tasks before heading to jessica's room. it's her 21st birthday! yay! we had cake and i gave her a card and lots of people were in one tiny room and it was fun. then i came back and glued things and i'm going to have to do some major cleaning tomorrow. the floor is so cluttered with art stuff i have trouble getting to the door. i better get an a on this. i don't think i've ever worked so hard on an art project, not even my table when i was recovering from appendicitis. i love my table. i like collaging things. a collage... i'm all sewn up... a montage... i'm all sewn up... yep, you can guess what I'M listening to! and if you can't, then you can just nod your head. *nod*

tomorrow there's an agp meeting, and on sunday there's a dinner "out" at the agp house! yay! more good food! hurrah! yay for josh and ted, the big gay chef of norman street!

i'm going to tear myself away now so i can finish the damn project, take half of it to the studio, and get some sleep! bye!

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