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Staying up writing 6 pages of my novel had an interesting effect on my dreams. I dreamed that a lot of the plants on our street had been struck by lightning and torn down. Like the tree in front, the shrubs by the mailbox, and neighboring plants. So there was reddish-brown wood and destruction all over the front yard. There was a big popcorn popper thingy by the mailbox, and apparently the lightning had made the popcorn pop. Weird. But I wasn't writing about lightning last night, just the aftermath of a terrible storm where some of the characters are in a hospital. I looked outside, and our front tree was still there, and the lawn was covered in snow. I think the tree that used to be by our garage might have been hit by lightning though. A few years ago, I was heading to work one night, and when I pulled out of the garage, I saw half the tree lying on the driveway. It just split down the middle.

The night before, I also had some interesting dreams. Like Paula Deen was my long-lost aunt or something, and we had all these pictures of her and her sons in the basement. And I was apparently trying to go to Allegheny again, this time for grad school, and wondering how it was going to work.

Oh, and thanks for all the allegy med suggestions. I'll see what I can do.

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