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i just watched "vertigo." it was done well, but i didn't really like it. no comedy or happy endings or anything. i don't really go for drama.

anyway, i finally finished all the dolls and everything this morning. what a relief! i only got about 4 hours of sleep though, especially since my heater was making suspicious sounds at 3 am. i was trying to fall asleep at 6:30 am and there was a rhythmic banging coming from somewhere, and it it wouldn't stop. grrr... oh well. i got to class half-dead but relieved, and of course i was randomly selected first for the critiques. people seemed to like the dolls, but the background box seemed too restricted. oh well. people were talking about the randomness of the dolls (hedwig, a neanderthal, a giant pink bunny, annie the goddess of bad weather, and an androgynous person with a golden curly mullet), and one guy said it would make a really interesting nativity scene. so i quickly arranged annie as mary, the neanderthal as joseph, the bunny and mullet person as "shepherds," and hedwig as jesus. they all laughed when i made hedwig the jesus figure... it just seemed appropriate, kinda, though a glam transsexual rock star and the son of god have very little in common. hehe...

well, i've been tired all day due to staying up really late and waking up really early, but i have plans for tonight. as soon as i finish typing this, i'm going to go eat, then clean up my room. it's a huge mess, with papers, scraps of fabric, glitter, and other art supplies scattered all over. my mom's hair would stand on end if she saw this room. well, i'll get it all fixed up this evening. at 8 there's an agp meeting, and i'm skipping fencing. after that, i think i'll reward myself by watching a movie (hedwig!) if i'm not completely exhausted. i'll try to get to bed at a decent hour so i can be my usual happy, well-rested, not-really-stressed-out self tomorrow. and tomorrow is friday! i don't have much planned for the weekend, so i'll *try* to catch up on homework... or just sit around playing neopets all day.

wow, i have quite a bit of food in my room for once. mmmm, schramms farm applesauce, jello cheesecake, and lots of gatorade...

cheerio, darling.

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