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"He's going to be double digits soon! I remember when he was only two digits!"
- Katie (she meant to say two years old, but it's funnier this way)

A few weeks ago, Jesse brought over Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, because he doesn't play it any more. I just spent most of the day playing it. It kind of worries me that I laugh maniacally when my car blows up, there are street massacres, and all that fun stuff. I guess it's a good outlet for my inner evil overlord or something. Well, at least I keep my violence limited to video games, I guess.

Speaking of Jesse, my sister really doesn't understand the male mind. He was over and started to play GTA, really raising hell, and Katie got really annoyed about his aggressive gaming. Of course, I was very into it, and she was mad that he got me into it too (then again, it wasn't my first time playing - Megan brought it over once and I had WAY too much fun blowing people's heads off and crashing into things). Then a while later, we went out to dinner. He had to leave the restaurant for a few minutes, so Katie ordered for him. She almost ordered him a small fettucini alfredo. He is a 16-year-old boy. A small dish isn't dinner, it's an appetizer. But she doesn't want him to eat that much, for some reason (it's not like he's fat, and he's been trying to gain weight anyway - and fettucini alfredo is an awesome way to do it). So I told the waitress to get him a large. He did appreciate that. Ah Katie, when will you learn?

My wallet that I've had for probably 8 years finally broke. The zipper busted beyond repair tonight. Alas, alas. But I bought a new one that's thinner and should fit in my pocket better. I'm going to cannibalize the broken wallet for the blue/silver star embroidered on it though.

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Culinary: shrimp Well, it's mostly the fishing methods that bother me, since they pretty much wipe out the ocean floor to catch the little beasties
Literary: shallow teen girl chicklit shut up
Audiovisual: *sings* the internet is for porn! it's not even a sexual thing, I just think porn is hilarious
Musical: Avril Lavigne SHUT UP
Celebrity: my second favorite emotionally disturbed naked stable boy nothing like crazy jailbait with horses (though I prefer the Harry Potter glasses look)

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