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I love looking like a teenager. I was at the high school tonight to see the musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (my neighbors Priya and Garrett are in it), and they totally charged me the student price, even though I haven't been a student there in over 5 years. My youthful appearance saved me 3 bucks. I rule! The musical was done really well, too. In terms of story and music, it was ok, nothing amazing, but the acting, singing, orchestration, and choreography were great. And there was lots of Chinese with subtitles too.

Before we went, I made a cake in the infamous cake pan, and we made monster-sized crab rangoons. The cake wouldn't come out of the pan without a fight, so it looked kind of sad and painful. It seems that cake has a tendency to stick to that pan, even when I butter and flour it beforehand. Maybe I'll use spray next time. But the cake was yummy, anyway. As were the rangoons.

I also sold a gun to a minor today. I had this old BB gun in the basement that I had forgotten about (I got it when I was 12 and hadn't used it in many years), and Jesse made an offer, so I sold it to him. I think there's an air leak somewhere in the pumping mechanism, but we can probably fix that easily.

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