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I spent quite a bit of the day buying stuff with my mom. We bought some Amish-made shelves for the basement to replace the old and wobbly poorly-made shelves of death that have carried the burden of books long past their expiration date. We also went to some other places and Joann Fabrics for painting stuff. We're going to give the basement a fabulous makeover (the walls are now a wonderful shade of green), and we need pictures on the walls. Well, Jesse is an artist (and a football player - interesting combination there), and my parents insist on displaying my artwork (even though some of it makes me cringe - for years, they displayed a painting I did in high school based off a picture of me when I was like 5, and it was HORRIBLE, and I finally convinced my mom to take it down a few months ago). So we're all going to paint stuff. I haven't painted in a while, but lately I've wanted to paint something (not sure what, though). So we bought canvases, and I bought some new brushes and a couple other things (my old brushes I used in high school and college are probably in crappy condition), and maybe we'll make some cool art. I have a ton of leftover paint scattered in my room and the basement. I still have this unopened set of oil paints that I got as an award in the CMU pre-college program (I'm not sure why I got the award - I missed the awards ceremony because I was in the hospital with appendicitis, but when I went to pick up my stuff, they told me I got an award and gave me a box of art supplies). I'm not as familiar with oil paints, but I think I could have fun with it. I usually avoid painting because I like being able to erase, but it's fun sometimes.

Anyway, we went to Taipei Tokyo for dinner. We got sushi, and my mom had the most interesting wasabi reaction I'd ever seen. I wish I had a camera with me. It was fabulous. Her eyes bulged out and she kind of rocked in her seat with her mouth open, and then she just started laughing. It was great. Except she was eating sushi with a fork, which should probably be illegal.

I want to do a practice painting with the oils before I do one that will actually be hung on a wall, so I can remember what painting is like and get used to the paints. But I don't know what to paint. Maybe I'll just play with color and make something interesting. A few years ago, I was doing this painting exercise in a class where we took things like foam shapes, wood, lightbulbs, etc. and made random structures with them. We arranged the structures on a table and could paint whatever we wanted based on that. Now, I usually do sort of representationalish art, but I just had fun with the painting. I smeared whorls of random colors for the background and then made a couple of the structures brightly colored "creatures." It turned out looking really weird but really interesting. I don't know what the painting means, but I like it. So maybe I'll do something like that again, instead of saying "I'm going to paint a(n) elephant/cat/humuhumunukunukuapua'a/scene from a dream I had last night/octopus/really old picture of myself/whatever." Though I do want to paint a humuhumunukunukuapua'a, but only after the practice painting.

I was talking to Megan tonight about how I hate literary and artistic analysis. I think if I ever actually finish and manage to publish the novel I'm working on, if someone ever actually writes a serious, academic-type literary analysis of it, I will have to shoot them in the face. But then again, it might be good for a laugh. "The character Annie represents the inner child in all of us, yet also the destructive force, manifested in the form of a higher power. The hurricane scene, pages 143-158, represents some historical event the author has actually never heard of, and social values of some sort. As the reader progresses through this coming-of-age tale about an ancient yet youthful deity, the reader ponders the message the author conveys: that government squelches individual creativity, and we should all follow our hearts so that we might pursue our dreams and *BLAM* *THUD*"

Yeah. I make stuff because I want to. I make art that I want to see, and I write stuff that I want to read. I don't do social critiques or allegories or existential whatever, I just make stuff that I think is interesting. To me, it's all about escapism. I read because I like stories, and I look at art that makes my eyes happy. Sure, I could write a meaningful novel that kids would be forced to read and write reports on in school, but that would take the fun out of it. Sure, I could paint a powerful piece criticizing something or other, but it might not be as fun to look at as, say, a painting of a purple monkey dueling a plaid octopus. Not that there's anything wrong with meaningful literature and art, it's just that for me, my creative endeavors are about escapism and making stuff that looks neat. And I hate analysis, because to me it takes the fun out of things. And I don't feel like listening to people try to sound intelligent and use big, important-sounding words like "postmodern" and "existentialism" and "misanthropic." But maybe I'm just a simple creature and like making fun of intellectuals (and everyone else, for that matter). And I like big, important-sounding words, I just don't want to have to write down what you say while I pretend to know what you're talking about and then go home, look the words up and say "Hey! I disagree!" or "You think I'm WHAT?!" or "You're just a pretentious douchebag." I don't understand why people think I'm so smart. I prefer fart jokes to intellectual discussions, and I'd rather watch Spongebob than Citizen Kane (I didn't like that movie, by the way, and while I can appreciate the effort put into it, I don't think it was even among the best films of all time, and quite frankly, I found it boring.).

So! This has been a ridiculously long entry, and I just looked at the clock and realized it's after 3 am. I think I get rambly after midnight. Maybe I should only post in the day time, so I don't subject my readers to my ridiculous thoughts. And maybe then I would have the common sense to not write certain things, so people wouldn't flame me with "YOU HAVE NO TASTE, CITIZEN KANE IS A BRILLIANT MOVIE!" or "You're an idiot, why are you wasting your time writing mindless crap when you're clearly capable of writing something mind-blowing?" Not that I get flamed very much.

Ok Ade, shut up. Go to bed already. Thank you.

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