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Dude. Paula Deen is going to be at the Giant Eagle in Bethel Park on Friday. I'm so full of squee, I really want to go. She's such a fabulous kitchen Goddess. Y'all. *prances around*

I have a new respect for people who are good at DDR. That takes agility and speed and attention, none of which I have. I'm realizing that my sense of balance must be way off, because it's a struggle not to fall over. And this is on the barebones easy-peasy level too. At least it's exercise. Though I'd rather get a Wii for that. :oD

I know I may be preaching to the choir here, but if any of you young sprouts are into genre writing, or you know a young sprout who's into genre writing, the application deadline for Alpha is coming up (info below). Many of you know I went to Alpha the first two years, and the experience was just... profound. Just ask pretty much any Alpha alum, it's an awesome workshop. So spread the word and feel free to repost this all over the place.


The ALPHA SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers (ages 14 - 19) is an
annual, ten-day,
residency writing workshop, currently in its sixth year.
Writers-in-residence at Alpha 2007 will include #1 New York
Times-bestselling author Tamora Pierce, former Science Fiction Writers
of America president Catherine Asaro, John W. Campbell Award-winner
Wen Spencer, and up-and-coming new talent Charles Coleman Finlay.

Former Alpha students have sold stories to prominent publications
including Realms of Fantasy, Writers of the Future, Boys' Life,
Fantasy Magazine, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Fantastic
Stories, Corpse Blossoms, Aberrant Dreams, and Fantastical Visions.

Alpha 2007 will run from July 18 - 27. Tuition is $950 and includes a
private, air-conditioned dormitory room for the duration of the
workshop, membership to the Confluence science fiction convention,
meals, required reading material, and local transportation.

The application deadline is March 31. For more information, visit


If you're thinking "Aww man, I'm too old for Alpha," NEVER FEAR! You can go to the next best thing! Confluence! Yaaaaaay! For those of you who haven't read my bubbly bubbles about Confluence in the past, it's the annual sci-fi/fantasy/general geekery convention in Pittsburgh. It's July 27-29. And apparently it's at a new hotel this year. Anyway, I've been going for the past few years (people seem to recognize me as that really short girl who always wears panda ears and carries around a stuffed purple squid), and I'm definitely going again this year, even if I end up moving to Uzbekistan next month (which is highly unlikely). I always get a room and have 3-5 others join in too (which makes bedtime interesting, to say the least). And yes, Megan, they have a free shuttle from the airport, so you have NO EXCUSE not to come (and don't give me any excuses about money either)! So come to Confluence! Pleeeeease! Here's the web site:

It's over 4 months away, and I'm already excited. Why do I always get wound up over things late at night when I should be getting ready for bed?

Speaking of cons, anyone going to Tekkoshocon? I'm debating whether to go, since I only want to go if people I know are going. Anyone I could hang around with at the con? Because last year wasn't as much fun since I was walking around alone most of the time. And it's like 20 minutes from my house.

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