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I had another interesting gender-bender dream last night. I was going to this place that could have been some type of school or place where they had musical concerts. I knew that I was seeing it as if it was a video game or movie. I walked into the building, where they were going to have some type of concert later (maybe punk or emo, I don't know). I walked towards a door with graffiti on it. Then I was entering what seemed to be a large bathroom, and I was carrying a brown hooded robe. There were many stalls in there, though not in rectangular shapes - they were almost maze-like. For some reason, it was the boys' room, and I had to quickly change and pretend to be a man. In the other stalls were young men and boys, who seemed to be 10-25. I went in one of the stalls and was trying to take my regular clothes off while hiding myself with the robe. I could see some of the guys between the cracks in the stall doors/walls, and I think some of the younger boys kept trying to peek in on me (though it appeared they thought I was a boy too). I kept worrying that someone would come into the stall, or someone would figure out that I was a girl.

In the next scene, apparently I had succeeded in changing into the robe and leaving the bathroom. Apparently I was pretending to be a monk named "Brother Matthew" or something like that, and I was wandering around in the brown hooded robe with only my face showing. But apparently some authorities had figured out that some female was pretending to be a male monk, and they were out to kill her (I think). So I was in what looked like a high school hallway, and I was talking to Rose. We decided that we'd switch clothing, and if she just wore the brown robe without the hood, they wouldn't bother her because they'd know she wasn't pretending to be a monk or something. So we ran to find somewhere to change, and I think I had to wear a blue tank top, red shorts, and a green cape (I liked the cape). I think the tank top and shorts were way too big for me (it seemed like they'd even be too big for Rose if they were hers - not necessarily too wide but very long, like the shorts went past my knees). Then for some reason I was trying to draw a picture of what I would look like wearing this clothing (my hair was up in a ponytail or pigtails too, which is odd since I almost never put my hair up). Weird dream.

I guess the moral of the dream is: never pretend to be a monk in a boys' bathroom.

Jesse is fabulous. He made us brunch today. And last night I went to (gasp) church for some sort of St. Patty's day dinner. They had a catered buffet, so... yeah. Got some interesting jokes out of the experience, though. And at least I didn't have to tell a dozen of my mom's friends "No, I don't have a job yet" again. Phew.

So tomorrow I pretend to be a grownup (but not really by paying taxes and playing golf... heh). I assume it will mostly involve meeting people and filling out forms (I don't mind filling out forms, but gah! Human interaction!). I think as long as I avoid wearing questionable t-shirts and making Jew jokes, I'll do fine.

< mini rant not really directed towards anyone reading this >
I wish some people would actually READ and FOLLOW ad and submission guidelines. Most people do, but there are a few that irk my editorial self. NO, you do not send ads to me. YES, you get a free copy if we publish your stuff. And for crying out loud, did you miss the part about NO fancy formatting? *grumblegrumble*
Anyway, here's a little tip if you're a writer or artist hoping to get published or publish more: READ AND FOLLOW SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. It will make editors happy and more likely to accept your work. You don't want to annoy editors by making them fiddle with formatting or answer questions you wouldn't be asking if you had READ the guidelines.
Oh, and here's another tip. If you're submitting written stuff to me, I always put your information in the following order: contact info, submission, bio. While it's not required and not in the guidelines, it will save me some cut'n'pasting, and happy editors are benevolent editors.
And for the record, I'm quite happy with the submissions from people who (to my knowledge) read this, and I have no beef with any of you. The next issue of FNM (which will be out at the end of June) has some good stuff in it (a little too poetry-heavy for my tastes this time, but several great pieces and, from what I've seen, fabulous artwork). You guys score happy Ade points. If you collect 500 points, you can cash them in for a Barbie Dream House! ...Or not.
< /mini rant >

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