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Going to King's is an interesting experience nowadays, because we always overhear girls talking about how cute the waiter is. The waiter who happens to be my sister's boyfriend. We had dinner there, and the people at the next table were joking around about how the girl there had the hots for the waiter, and they were saying he was so cute and stuff. Then Katie announced "He's my boyfriend," and they all burst out laughing, and the girl looked really embarrassed. He didn't pick up his tip from a nearby table, so a waitress told Katie to give it to him. She promptly stuffed it into her pocket (though she did give it to him when he came by). And on the way there, she was driving and casually launched an f-bomb, forgetting that Mom was sitting in the back seat. Ah, never a dull moment with Katie, that's for sure.

I learned today that attempting to read technical style sheets before lunch time is a bad idea. I had to fight to stay awake, and at that point I didn't really have anything else to do, since the woman who had stuff for me to do hadn't arrived yet. It was kind of funny, I'd be trying to read and then these funny little images/scenes would pop into my head, the way they do when I'm on the verge of sleep, or I'd think the text said something else. Then I'd jolt myself out of it and try to read, only to find my eyelids sinking again. But after the woman came in and gave me something more productive to do, I snapped out of it. Heh. I have more of an attention span in the afternoon anyway, especially after eating. But those technical style sheets... so many acronyms... and hard to follow... the office people were joking about how it makes your eyes glaze over and you want to bang your head on the desk. I like how people there have a sense of humor. Three people said if I needed anything, to throw something at them, and others suggested yelling or banging on the wall. I'm tempted to write notes to them if I need something, fold them into airplanes, and pitch them over the cubicle walls. Heh. I'm a cubicle nerd now. I should get some glasses and start wearing pigtail braids and long, pleated skirts or something. And have a Cthulu plushie sitting on my desk. Hee. Uh oh, I'm getting silly ideas again.

Phew. I should play DDR in the morning to wake me up, not at night.

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