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I got a new cloak today. It's green and black with a celtic web of life design on it, and it's light and cottony and great for spring. I wore it pretty much all day, prancing around the kitchen and stuff. I got it here, they had advertised in FNM and I wanted to support that, and they have wonderful cloaks. And many of you know how much I love cloaks and capes. Oh, and if you want to buy something there, enter the coupon code "faerie," and you'll get 10% off.

My mom went to see "The Magic Flute" with our neighbors today. I wish I could have gone, but apparently tickets are ridiculously expensive, and I didn't know my mom was even going until yesterday. Ah well, I can always find a recorded version (to Netflix!). It would probably have subtitles too. But tonight, I shall sing the famous aria by myself and probably break some windows in the process. I really need a Long Island iced tea or two in my system to even hit those notes, but I'm home alone now. So I have nobody to scare but the cats and rats. And if the neighbors hear me shrieking and come over to find me "singing" in a weird cloak, my next post will be from the mental hospital.

Heh. That reminds me, my first year in college, I was alone in my dorm room. Being the goofball I am, I was wearing this jagged black cape I made in high school, listening to the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, and probably playing computer games. A couple of the girls down the hall came by looking for my roommate. When they knocked on the door, I got up and promptly tripped over the rug, making a huge THUD sound. I opened the door and they just looked at me with these WTF expressions. They later told my roommate that I had answered the door in a cape, and they thought I had jumped off the dresser or something, because of the big THUD. Well, scaring the neighbors is one of my specialties. Muhahahahaaa.

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