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So, now that the job hunt is over with, the apartment hunt can officially begin. I've been looking around online (not a huge selection in the area, but that's ok) and driving around, and while I'm not thrilled about what I've seen, I know I'll find something. Right now I'm just browsing, but in a couple weeks (once I've deposited my first paycheck and have proof of income) I'll get serious about landing something. Fortunately, apartment hunting isn't nearly as difficult and exhausting as job hunting, because you don't have to get all dolled up, have an interview with the manager, go home and have them not call or return your calls, and wonder if they didn't accept your application because you forgot to polish your shoes. I mean, last time I was apartment hunting, the search took days, not months, and I found a relatively nice apartment with an amazing landlord. So I'm not worried.

And it's kinda cool, because I can afford a decent apartment and don't have to settle for a $350/month hole in the wall above a bar or anything like that. Most of the housing in this area seems to be just large, upper middle class houses, but the surrounding towns have more of a selection. There are a bunch of apartment buildings in Monroeville, but that's over the county line, and apparently taxes are lower here. *shrugs* We'll see. I'm just looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment (or small house, if I can find one) that allows pets, isn't more than 15-20 minutes away from work, and maybe has a dishwasher (not a necessity, but I'd really really like one, and it would definitely prevent the kitchen from turning into a disaster area). Up to $600 would be good, no more than about $650. I'm just glad I don't live anywhere like NYC right now, housing isn't atrociously expensive, and I can afford to pay rent. Although that means I can't honestly sing an angsty song about not being able to pay rent because I'm a bohemian. *pouts* But I can still pretend.

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