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Random thing I overheard today:
"Adrienne Conway cured my hiccups."
- one coworker to another

I'm not entirely sure what the context was, but apparently this woman hasn't had the hiccups since I started working there. Usually my tactic for curing hiccups involves jumping out at someone and yelling or growling, but popping out and scaring someone isn't a good thing to do at work. And it doesn't always work (my sister seems to get the hiccups every day, and it's great fun making her shriek even though it does nothing for the hiccups), but it's fun.

Dinner table amusement yesterday:
Katie: Bla bla bla Jesse bla bla bla. Jesse loves... *RIPS A GIANT ONE*
Ade: I bet Jesse doesn't love THAT!

You know you've been watching way too much Full House when it starts infiltrating your dreams. I don't remember most of the dream, but Joey suddenly looked really old (like his age doubled overnight), and it was very odd.

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