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Another funny dream to share! So, apparently I was going to a strangely-designed movie theatre to watch Rocky Horror with some family members (even my little cousins - normally I wouldn't let them watch Rocky Horror until they turn... oh, maybe 12, but I guess my dream-self is more lenient). I was standing in line, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, wishing I was wearing something more interesting, since it's Rocky Horror after all. I walked in and saw all these people dressed like the characters (only some of them weren't real Rocky Horror characters, my imagination was just being silly). The theatre was kind of like a regular movie theatre, only there were a few rows of small chairs in the middle of the front, with a movie projector behind them, and a big slanted aisle behind that. I was walking around, looking for an empty row so I could sit with my family. At that point, I had somehow magically switched from wearing jeans and a sweatshirt to wearing my goth dress, my famous panda ears, and my Star Wars sandals. Really interesting combination there. I saw an old friendly acquaintance from high school, and she sat near the big aisle, where I was sort of sitting, and we talked for a while. She looked like she was pregnant for some reason. Since the aisle was on a weird slant, I kept slipping down and then sort of stood up and had this big, elaborate, flailing-everywhere fall. I got up and laughed, and I looked around and saw a bunch of random people I went to high school with.

At that point, the room got dark, I had no idea what happened to my family, and I decided to find a seat. I walked forward, brushing by someone's hand on my right side, and promptly tripped backwards over a huge mass of cables on the projector. I was glad it was dark so nobody would see me fall. I crept around the front of the aisle and then up one of the sides and sat down in one of the seats. I looked behind me and saw two of my good friends from high school sitting a few rows back, and they came forward to join me. One of them tried to go past me and accidentally sat in my lap since it was dark and she couldn't see. Then she started talking about the weird noises her mom made or something. The movie started, only it wasn't really Rocky Horror (it might have had the music though - I woke up with a medley of the soundtrack in my head). I wasn't really paying attention to the movie until this scene where it panned a whorehouse, and there were all these people there doing debaucherous things to each other (pardon me while I wash my brain out with soap). Someone got up to go to the bathroom, and then instead of watching a movie, I was holding a book in my hands. In the bathroom, the guy found what was apparently an icon of the Virgin (yeah, in the bathroom of a whorehouse...). The following pages were really dusty, so I brushed them off, and it continued in a comic book sequence. The icon changed into a blackened figure, and then there were just frames of cartoons of the devil being a voyeuristic pervert throughout history. It was very strange, yet a very interesting comic style. And then my cell phone alarm went off, and I was annoyed that I didn't get to see the rest of the movie.

Moral of the dream: watch your step in dark movie theatres.

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