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A few of you have expressed that you hate fun and want nothing to do with traditional April Fool's Day pranks. So, for your benefit, everything expressed below is the truth, and I actually haven't pranked anyone today (yet). Katie did get Jesse with the old salt-in-the-water-bottle trick (and apparently he got her back with the same gag). But everything below is boring and serious, just the way you like it. And may Loki have mercy on your souls.

First of all, I would like to say that I have now seen Young Frankenstein and Borat, and they are wonderful. I must say, Borat is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, and it contains one of the best fight scenes ever. With naked men running around a hotel. I almost couldn't breathe for several minutes, I was laughing so hard.

On Saturday morning, I was having the most wonderful dream. I was in Las Vegas, visiting D, and we were in the audience of Emeril Live (which isn't filmed in Vegas, but that's beside the point). There was a big buffet of delicious food, like corn and linguine with cheese, and people said the steak was amazing (though I wasn't going to have that). I was in line for the buffet, grabbed a plate and was reaching out for the delicious food... AND MY DAD CALLED AND WOKE ME UP! I was seriously disgruntled, and I was so out of it from the rude awakening that MY SISTER corrected MY GRAMMAR. This is why it's not a good idea to talk to me when I've been startled awake for less than a minute. Me no talk so good when all me can think about are not eating Emeril buffet.

Well, poor little Squeekers died yesterday. He somehow got injured in the morning (I have no idea what happened, but he had some wound on his belly) and died a few hours later. Jiraiya buried him in the cage (it was kind of funny, there was this mound of litter with a foot and tail sticking out), but I gave him a real burial outside today (boy, was it muddy).

He was a good buddy, and he was the friendliest rat I ever had. He always played nice with the others, and he even took good care of Dante when his health deteriorated. He was about two years old (I'm not sure exactly, but I got him about a year ago and the woman said he was a year old). He was kind of noisy (hence the name, I guess), and he liked climbing on me. A few weeks ago, I had cleaned the cage and was looking under the bed for Jiraiya. I was lying on my stomach, and Squeekers hopped up on my back and decided that my lower back was the perfect place to sit, so he stayed there for a while. He was fun and happy, and Jiraiya and I will miss him. Well... I guess Jiraiya is a hermit again. Heh. The perverted hermit.

Gallery of gratuitous rat photos, in remembrance of Squeekers (sadly, all rats pictured are now dead except Jiraiya, who is only 6 months old and healthy)

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