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I need to actually finish a few knitting/crochet projects before starting more. I shouldn't start making a stuffed octopus on a whim if I haven't finished the other stuffed creatures I was making. Ah, but the temptation is too powerful, and I have severe crafting ADD. Ah well. I hope I actually finish this octopus, because it's going to look awesome in my cubicle.

Other than that, nothing really exciting has happened since my last post. So I will share these hilarious links Sarah sent me today: I want an edible human buffet for my next birthday party! and Best Chinese menu ever (I saw it at work and had to fight myself really hard to keep from guffawing).

I think I'm going to make a big Turkish meal this weekend, thanks to the inspiration from some gourmet magazine my mom showed me. It's all vegetarian except the lamb dish, but we all know that lamb isn't really meat.

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