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First animals were getting poisoned from canned food. Then it was discovered that a wider variety of pet products had the questionable Chinese wheat gluten or whatever. Now dog chews have salmonella. I think I should start feeding Jiraiya trail mix (which he likes) and giving the cats steak (they supplement their regular dry diet with the hillside catch of the day, but I'm sure they'd love to switch to steak). But that would be rather overprotective of me, and buying steaks all the time would really kill my bank account.

One of the perks of working at Enercon is occasional free food. Last week, someone bought everyone Chinese food. Today we had a short meeting that was mainly a good excuse to order pizza. Sometimes people bring in things like cake and cinnamon rolls and leave them in the kitchen area. And everyone here loves to talk about food. It's great. I came out of the cupboard during the Chinese food episode (everyone wondered what the Buddha's Delight was, and they kept saying it sounded so healthy, but to quell any rumors that I might be a health nut - which I'm definitely not - I told them it was the only vegetarian lunch special). Word about that spread quickly, but everyone is cool with it, although I keep having to tell them that yes, I'll eat pretty much anything that ISN'T a dead animal, and I'd rather starve than be a vegan (can't... live... without... eggs... and... cheese... especially... cheese...). They'll probably ask me to explain my eating habits sometime, and I'll try to make it clear that I mainly don't eat dead animals because a) I didn't really eat much meat to begin with because I didn't like it all that much, b) factory farms are evil pits of hell that pump up their poor mutant abominations with crazy hormones, cramp them in teeny spaces, and mutilate their bodies, and I certainly don't want to be eating that, although I will endorse free range chicken because, among other things, it tastes so much better, and c) this is is a ridiculously long run-on sentence. I mean, I feel better physically when I don't eat it (plus, if I ate more than just a small amount, it would start to taste bad, like I was eating sawdust, no matter what I was actually eating). And the whole liking-animals-and-not-wanting-them-to-die-for-my-sake part was kind of the "that does it, I'm not eating this crap any more" thing. And I'd rather avoid most food poisoning and harmful side effects of hormones anyway. Not to mention that it makes ordering at restaurants a whole lot easier, because when there are fewer choices, decision-making doesn't take forever.

Well that was a long digression. Anyway, I shall be acting rather obsessive-compulsive and clean for a while, as Katie discovered she has pinkeye and just HAD to describe it in graphic detail (the TMI bandit strikes again!). And I really don't feel like being sick now, dealing with allergies is enough (although now that I'm getting out of the house more, the chronic runny nose is fading).

Dun dun dun dun dun dun, dunnanunnanunna, who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

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