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My former neighbor Jack was here when I came home from work. I only got to see him for like 10 minutes before he and Katie decided to go see a movie (without even inviting me *pouts*), but it was cool. Ah, nostalgia of the good ol' days of the neighborhood when we'd have adventures with the other kids, and we were all like siblings. Hard to believe one of my "little brothers" is 18-19, I remember when he started kindergarten and his mom asked me to watch out for him on the transfer bus to MOSS. I haven't seen his brother Patrick in probably 5 years, but I hear he's very tall. They miiiight stop by on Sunday, I hope they do.

Last night I dreamed that Katie was stealing lots of random things from me. For one thing, she stole the litter from the rat cage. I have no idea why on earth anyone would want to steal used rat litter unless they were some kind of sicko fascinated with rat poop, but I was very irate. I started hollering (she wasn't even in the room) and demanding the rat litter back. I opened the cage to let Jiraiya out, and I saw that he was very large and thought, "hey, this rat is as big as a cat." Well, it turned out to be Dude (no idea what he was doing in the rat cage), and he came out. Jiraiya was in the closet but hopped up onto the bed, and then Belle walked in. I wasn't quite sure what would happen with two cats and a loose rat in the room, but they all seemed to get along (the cats tend to ignore my rats anyway). Then I went outside and saw Katie up on the hill. I started yelling at her for stealing my things, and she told me I could have my bow back (I don't even have a bow). So she threw down this huge longbow and walked down into the yard, and I was still pretty mad about the rat litter (no idea why I was irate over something so trivial and stupid). So I picked up the bow and started whacking her with it (from across the yard - this was one LONG bow). Then I realized that I could sharpen the edge of the wood to make one heck of a weapon, and I set off to modify the bow into kind of an axe/bow/killer device. Very strange dream. I find it amusing that my dream-self was so enraged about rat litter theft.

I got a corner office today. Well... ok, so I just got to sit in one for a little while (the guy who works in there was out of town, and someone needed to use my computer). But I got to pretend that I was important, and those were pictures of MY grandkids all over the place. It was fun while it lasted. And then I went back to my cubicle and wondered if I'd ever have a nice office like that. Well, a couple of the women who work there don't even have their own spaces, they work at desks in the copy room, so at least I have cubicle space. They're thinking of putting a couple cubicles in the conference room so everyone has enough room to work, so I may be moving my stuff there if that happens (it's usually quieter in there, except for the road noise, and I wouldn't get as distracted by people talking on the phone or chatting nearby and that sort of thing). And they're going to hire a couple more people to work with the computer programs, so it will be interesting to see how they arrange everything. It's also kind of funny seeing computer monitors sitting under the sink in the ladies room.

I've been crocheting up a storm this week. It's crazygonuts.

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