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i had one heck of a crazy dream this morning, when i fell back asleep after failing to wake up to the 9:00 bells. i was at a big house somewhere. it was supposedly my family's house, but i didn't know where exactly it was. i was getting out of my mom's minivan, and i think my mom, sister, and neighbors julia and elli (dahling and gummi bear) were there. elli was doing something significant, but i don't remember what. we went up to the house, and i was trying to climb the steps. they were weird somehow, but i managed to get into the kitchen. my mom said the people there were making all kinds of gnocci (the funky italian pasta stuff). apparently they were making different kinds, like vegetable and spinach. they all sounded good - except for the liver and brain gnocci they planned to make. i decided to avoid that once lunch was served. then i went upstairs to what looked like my upstairs hallway at home, and i found a couple packages. we were apparently mailing a toy to my cousin's little daughter ashley, and the other was going to the complaint department of some store. now that package was just bizarre, because it had a letter on the outside and pictures. i guess they were mailing this little hat back to the company. the pictures were of me as a toddler wearing this funky little cloth hat (i think it was red and blue) that was shaped kind of like those little hats people fold out of newspapers. the letter thanked the company for making such a nice pope hat (where did THAT come from - we're not catholic, and the hat didn't look anything like the pope's hat!), and apparently i had worn it a lot when i was younger. i guess my mom was mailing the hat back since i had apparently grown out of it. then my dad appeared and said he was sending a big steak to the company. my kitty came up and started snuggling against me and my dad thought it was cute, so he threw this huge steak over us (it was more like a blanket, but it was heavy - perhaps i was stuck in my sheets at that point). then i was doing something with sugar and bits of the steak - beating it with a funnel or something (the sugar and funnel thing must have come from my art project since i used those elements to fill the bottles). then i realized i needed flour to make the gnocci, not sugar, so i abandoned the stuff and went outside. i saw mrs. benjaminson (julia and elli's mom) ride on a bike up our "driveway" (a dirt road going behind the house). then apparently my family was making a big surprise for someone on the front lawn, and i had to go distract someone. then i saw that under this big overhang on our house was an old antique store. it had apparently been closed for a long time, and the sign was really old, but i decided to go in. the ceiling was really low, and i saw shelves of glass figures and cups and stuff. one shelf was about eye-level with me, but it was in the middle of the room with nothing under it. i saw my nana and pop pop and some other people walking through the antique store, headed for the door, but i told them that the door wasn't working so they'd have to go through the house. they nodded and left, and my uncle jon appeared at the window, smiled, and gave me the thumbs up. one of the glass cups fell off the high shelf and shattered on the floor. i was looking around at the glass figures while trying to catch them before they broke on the ground. i saw a tiny bird with its eggs, an egyptian lady, lots of birds, and other figures. i was trying to decide which ones to keep for myself. then i realized i was a fairy and could fix the messes, so i waved my finger and the broken glass was fixed again. i decided to put it on a roomier low shelf, since it apparently kept falling off the high one. some of the glass around the base (it looked like a short, stocky wine glass) was chipped and sharp. then this woman came in and was looking for a man she was supposed to speak with, because apparently there was going to be this show or something at the antique store. suddenly the dark, gloomy room was light and warm, and people were browsing all over. a middle-aged chubby man in a blue suit came in and talked to people, and apparently his name was allison or something. i told the woman, "there's the man you want to talk to." then he suddenly got young and thin, and he came up to me and started hitting on me. he compared himself to zeus and hermes (i think) and licked his lips, so i stood up, angrily said "yeah, and i'm artemis - a VIRGIN goddess!" and walked off to another part of the store. the woman followed and hugged me from behind. i felt attracted to her and started touching her arm. then i suggested we run away together (i had just met her a minute ago and then we were in love?), and she seemed confused at first, then agreed. so we went up through the house to get some of my things. we ended up in a loft-like area in a library that was unfamiliar, and my sister was there. instead of the woman, this 12-year-old girl was there (and the romance had evaporated - i'm not a pedophile!). she was kind of a cross between these two girls i know - one is nice and sweet, and the other thinks she's such a badass. but anyway, she was apparently visiting us and staying at the loft with my sister. she said that under native american law she had been institutionalized before (so i'm running away with a mentally ill kid?). then i saw a ladder going up and remembered that my room was way up there, even though this was supposedly my 2nd time in the house. we went to get my stuff, but then i woke up. it was 9:15 and i knew i had to get up and go about my morning ritual. weeeeeeird... it would make an interesting story.

time for psych! yipadeedoodah analyzing gender in "chicken run" was fun last night!

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