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Wow, my body really is adjusting to this new schedule thing. Here I was, lying in bed for hours, thinking I was going to roll out of bed at like noon, and it's only 9 am.

So, I just had a rather interesting dream (yes, ANOTHER dream) where I had adopted a baby. It was a boy with light brown skin who cried a lot (probably because I was the one taking care of him, and I'm definitely not a baby person - the most I can do is hold one without dropping it). For some reason, it wasn't wearing clothes either. Wow, I'm referring to a baby as "it." I definitely shouldn't be allowed anywhere near babies.

Things the dream taught me:
a) You do not keep a baby the way you keep your rats. A littered cage on another floor of the house is not suitable. Not only will the baby get cold, it will also get dirty.
b) If you're going to give a baby a bath, do not treat it like you would treat a vegetable. You can't just rinse it and wipe off the dirt. (at this point in the dream, the baby had shrunk to the size of my hand, so it was easier to wash)
c) Don't leave the baby in the sink with the water running while you go get some paper towels to dry it off.
d) When you come back and find a drowned baby, do not drop it down the drain.
e) You're a horrible person if you even THINK of running the garbage disposal, even if by that point you're aware it's a dream and think it would be funny.

Moral of the dream is, Ade should never try to raise a baby. But we all knew that already, and I wasn't planning on it. I don't even really want to deal with children until they're potty trained and can talk semi-coherently. And at that point, I become the piggy back ride queen. Kids are awesome, but I don't think I should be allowed to raise them. I'd make a great aunt or grandmother though, and my little cousins seem to like me.

I hope Giant Eagle isn't TOO crowded today. I'm making some Turkish food tonight, and I forgot to go shopping last night. Oh well, I have nothing else to do today.

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