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I went to The Enclosure (a local exotic pet store) today since Bonnie was going for lizard food. Her mom, sister, and niece came too, so it was like a trip to the mini-zoo. On the way back...
Bonnie: Who wants ice cream?
Jordan (her niece) and Ade: I do!
Bonnie: Who can't have it because it's Passover?
Jordan: Aww...
Ade: Hooray for not being a Jew!

But we had kosher Jew-desserts when we got back, so it was almost as good as ice cream. And I went to Giant Eagle afterwards and kept running into Bonnie and had to tease her about ice cream, because I'm so nice like that. Ha.

Tonight, we made Turkish food. I made zucchini patties and cheese rolls, and my mom made some spinach with garlic-yogurt sauce (Bon Appetit had a delicious-looking Turkish spread, so we had to try a few of the recipes). I thought the food turned out nicely, and since there were only 2 of us, we'll have leftovers! Yay!

But the Giant Eagle here really sucks now. It used to be awesome. It was locally-owned, and they had all sorts of neat things, and they'd give cookies and balloons to kids and that sort of thing. But then when the Walmart opened in Delmont, the owner sold it back to the corporation, because of Walmart's "death zone" for businesses. And since our Giant Eagle went corporate, everything has gone downhill. The produce isn't fresh (real fun picking through wrinkly veggies), they don't carry as many specialty foods (I've asked for things like dried mushrooms and peppers, and they don't even carry them any more), the store isn't organized very well, and the crazy chatterbox lady still works in the video section (though I've heard she's been reprimanded several times for talking too much). *grumblegrumblecorporatebastardsgrumblegrumble* Maybe I should go to McGinnis Sister's more often, since they have good stuff, although it's more expensive. I've been considering an apartment complex just down the road from them, actually.

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