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I was wandering around Giant Eagle today, grabbing things to put in my lunch bag, when I noticed a display for all-natural junk food. At the sight of partially organic, scary chemical-free Cheetos, it was like a chorus of angels broke into song above the natural foods aisle. So I pounced. Upon bringing it home, I was a little nervous that they would taste weird or bland (like a lot of natural cheese snacks), but man, are they good. They must hide crack in those little puffs or something. Katie and I devoured about half the bag before I had to hide it in the cupboard. But they're junk food and yet not! Oh, the paradox! *head explodes in a puff of cheesy goodness*

Aside from the angels-in-Giant-Eagle episode, it was a pretty good day. I got a whole bunch of goodies in the mail. My paycheck (woooo, money!), another Pyr book (I'm such a slacker, I need to actually finish reading and then review the books I already have), and a magical growing octopus thingy from Ben, who is the awesomest person besides me in the whole world. (Thanks, Ben! I still need to mail you that box of stuff I was supposed to send 5 months ago)

Yesterday, there was a spaghetti lunch at my mom's church, so of course I had to make an appearance (nothing like food to attract even the heathens). And then I hung out with Nick for a while, and we played games and stuffed ourselves with Indian food. We wanted to attempt to recreate the Tuesday Group experience, so we listened to Tori and did a little writing, but it wasn't the same. None of the other usual suspects from years past were there, and there wasn't much goofing off. *sigh* I need to get involved in some sort of local writing thing again. I should also see if there are any open model sessions around, because I want to do more figure drawing.

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