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Last night's dream was hilarious. After a bunch of rather boring parts, I ended up in the student center of some university in Pittsburgh (it didn't look like any place I was familiar with). I walked into this locker room area and saw a bunch of people, including Zan. So I talked to her and some of her friends who were there, and then this fight broke out among three boys (I guess it was a co-ed locker room - woo baby!). They looked about junior high age, and two of them had one on the ground and were unzipping his pants. One of them grabbed his you-know-what, and I was very disturbed and angry that they were doing that to this poor kid (this isn't the hilarious part, that comes next). Then they started dragging the boy away, but a teacher ran up to them and stopped them. She started yelling at the bullies, and they let the poor kid go. The rest of us were standing there silently, wondering if we were in trouble too. Then the teacher announced it was time for Zan's wedding, so we all sat in pews that had magically appeared in the locker room. I sat next to Zan's friend Martha, and we were talking. It didn't immediately occur to me that Zan's wedding was a very strange occurrence, because a) she's underage and b) MY fake girlfriend. All these people were walking out of this section of the locker room/chapel/whatever, and all of a sudden NESSET walked past me dressed in choir robes. Ahhhhh, nightmare material! But then Zan walked out, wearing this weird outfit that was kind of like a body suit made of an interesting black material, with white lace sleeves. She was carrying a sword that had flowers wrapped around it (yeah, it was a pretty funny wedding outfit - I'm laughing as I type this). Traditional wedding music played, but then it suddenly changed to "Vogue" and she started dancing to it. Waving the flowery sword around and everything. I was laughing hysterically. Gotta love random wedding dancing. The really funny part is, I had no idea who the groom was or where he was during this, it was just Zan up there, getting funky to Madonna at her wedding. I still have the song in my head.

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