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So I'll be in Meadville tomorrow. I plan to leave at some point in the morning, and since Nick is coming, that means I'll probably fail to get in touch with him in the morning, show up at his house, find that he's still asleep, throw his cell phone at him (it's been on my nightstand for a week, since he left it at my house), drag him out of bed, and upon arriving in Meadville, try to call people who won't answer their phones, and realize that nobody is available until the apparent Compadres dinner, though I have no idea when that will be. We might visit Francesca at some point. *shrugs*


Anyway, if all goes well, I might be moving next weekend. I looked at a rental house today, and it looked acceptable. It's a 2 bedroom house with a garage and yard and stuff. It's only $500 a month, plus gas/electric, which is insanely cheap. The rooms are kinda small, but that's ok. I figure I can live cheaply for a few years while saving up for a house, and then I can get something nice. Hey, there's a garage. And a gas stove. And the house looks fairly clean, sans roaches and unwanted rodents. It's in a good location. The basement stairs are a little steep, and the walkway to the entrance looks like it might be fun to shovel in winter, but hey, I adapt well. The basement and utility area actually don't look like something out of a horror movie (which is more than I can say about certain houses in Meadville, although I like that creepy look, it gives a basement character). And there's a yard. I think there might be a playground right beyond the yard, which would be awesome (hooray for swings!), and there's a park and stuff nearby. It's close to a Giant Eagle, GetGo, and some other places. I put in an application, which was accepted, so mayyyyybe next weekend, I can haul my crap out of the basement and finally LAUNCH. Weeee.

The fun part will be attempting interior design. Watch me end up with horribly clashing colors, tacky decorations, wrinkled posters I got in college, and YARN EVERYWHERE. I'll have people over, and they'll squint at everything and say, "Are those SKULLS? Are they real? Nice wall hanging there. Oh, you made it in 2nd grade? Um... what's with the collection of octopus toys? Eek, I just saw a rat! Nevermind, that's just Jiraiya. Who bought you that ugly orange and green plaid chair? Oh... you did."

Yeah. I'm like a straight guy. No taste whatsoever.

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