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Hiya kids. Say, who wants an internship? I've got a good one right here for ya!

Faerie Nation Mag, a young, independent magazine, is looking for a publishing/marketing intern. We ship the mag to 6 countries, publish well-known and unknown writers, and are deluded enough to think we can change the world. You'll get to wear a lot of hats, but your main responsibilities will be acquiring ads and subscriptions, typing, and occasionally writing articles. It's ok if you have little or no experience in marketing, as long as you'll feel comfortable pitching ads to potential advertisers with a bit of training. There will be more training as we proceed. This is a year-long internship for students 18 and over. Work from anywhere, 5-10 hours a week, plus write on your own time. All you need is computer/internet access and a phone. Our small staff is friendly, and we have a flexible schedule. For more info on the mag, visit, and for more info on the internship, contact

Please feel free to repost this everywhere and/or send it to your little brother, English professor, that weird kid down the hall, your mom's hairdresser's cousin's amazingly hot nephew, etc.

For the record, while I'm the contact person, I'm merely there to screen out the batshit crazies and people who have no real interest in it. Therefore, if you want to apply, you can just talk to me and don't have to whip out your best standard corporate interview BS. If you make it past the gatekeeper to the real interview with Francesca, she probably won't want to hear that either. Be yourself, be interesting. Be weird.

Also, FNM still needs submissions for issue 4 (it won't be out until November, and issue 3 is still in layout and will be released in about 2 months, but we like to really spread things out). Both art and written. I'll spare the usual this-is-why-you-should-send-me-stuff drill, and if you've already submitted stuff for us, you are awesome. But if you haven't, you know you want to. Submission guidelines/more info are here:

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