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Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl, 'cause it hurts like hell

Ah, tomorrow will be interesting. I get to drag all my crap out of the basement and move 15 minutes away. I have a house now, wooo! It's probably going to end up looking like a 7-year-old with some weird fascinations lives there. I was at Target today, trying to convince myself that no, I don't need the $20 octopus bathroom trash can or matching shower curtain or soap dispenser, thankyouverymcuh. I did allow myself to buy the little snail watering can, because I'm going to attempt to grow plants and hope they don't die this time (I seem to have a brown thumb, and plants wither in my presence). So there. I have enough paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins to mop up a small flood, even though it's only me living there. I'll be set for several months. Woo.

Last night, I dreamed that there was this huge castle somewhere. It had really awesome stone panels of various marbled effects, and they were tiled together in sort of a zigzag pattern near the top of the castle. I walked in, and Ben, Jess, and Nick were there. There was an office/gift shop in the entrance area, and apparently Ben's mom was running the place or something. We were all wandering around, not particularly doing anything, and I think we ended up being in some music video. Maybe we were running down the halls or on the path outside, and that was the video. I'm not sure what the music was, but after I woke up, I thought of the opening theme from "Labyrinth." In the castle entrance, there were a bunch of pictures on the walls, mostly of people like Ben, Jess, me, and some other friends. They were like pictures in Harry Potter, with the people moving around and everything. There was a HUGE picture of Jess kind of lounging in front of a statue. The statue was a very large stone sculpture of what must have been a south asian goddess (maybe Indian?), and the goddess was kind of resting on her side. Jess was in front of the statue in the same pose, as if sitting on the goddess's lap while lying on her side. Very interesting image there. Then Nick apparently left and forgot his backpack or something.

I think the dream means that Ben, Nick, Jess, and I are going to live in a huge castle together someday, and Ben's mom will run the place. It would be fun! We could each have our own wings, and watch Adult Swim in the parlor, and I could be an ass and put huge steaks in the fridge which would repulse everyone, and Jess's and my rats could have their own room, and we could strut around and sit on thrones pretending we were important...

It gave me a spider, but now it's showing up as a feline. Interesting. I also like that I'm both passive and assertive. Weee, paradoxtastic!

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